our story

Wassup everyone,

My name is Tamiya, and I am the Creator and CEO of Mia's Good Smells. When I created this brand, I thought about the nostalgia that comes from fragrances. Whether that's from an event, person, or place in your memory. I grew up with sample perfumes and learned about fragrance oil, where to place fragrances on your body, and how to effectively connect a scent and a memory.

With every bottle we create, we make connections to the thought process or an event that highlights your fragrance. It's always about telling a story. So many people have inspired me to continuously work on my craft and build connections with different people to continue learning and making people aware of the multitude of stories waiting to be told.

That being said, Mia's Good Smells prioritizes creating long-lasting, well-rounded, and amazing smelling products. Each bottle is handmade and created special for each customer. Thanks for supporting this Black Woman-Owned Business. Your presence is valued highly. :))))))))


Warmest Regards,

ya girl tam